Burgundy price trends

Price and availability trends in Burgundy are of great concern. Prices of everything European have been climbing rapidly, in great part due to the falling dollar. As consumers, we face tough decisions trying to seek out top producers whose price levels have not soared so high into the stratosphere as others. We must become better educated and informed.

Availability is another matter. New buyers such as the Russians (more so) and the Chinese (less so) have come into the market with big feet. In addition to any demand-pull impact on prices, they have siphoned away significant quantities of already limited quantities from loyal, traditional buyers – such as ourselves. Hence we get a few bottles here, maybe a case there, but no more.

Last week, I met with Jeremy Seysses of renowned Domaine Dujac. Their wines are much sought after. He acknowledged the pressure to sell to these newer markets but they will not shortchange their loyal customers. Alas, that is a rare sentiment in Burgundy nowadays.

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