Long-term storage of wine at home

If you have a basement in your house, and your budget or energy does not allow for a full-on temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar, then you may safely store wine for long periods.

The basement must be underground with at least one open wall against earth. This can provide an ideal place for wine storage as it should maintain cool, stable temperatures.

The ideal is 55 degrees Fahrenheit with 80% humidity. but I find wine pretty resilient. For long-term aging, Try to keep it below 60 degrees year round. I recommend you buy a wall thermometer to monitor the area.

Use only non-coated, unvarnished wood racking like redwood cedar or un-painted steel racking. I do not recommend long-term storage in cardboard boxes. Check out racking options and accessories at International Wine AccessoriesThe Wine Enthusiast or similar sites.

Other, higher-end wine storage solutions include sealed, controlled free-standing cellars (refrigerated wine cabinets) which you can purchase at the companies mentioned above. They’re great if you have an apartment, condo or lack a below ground basement.

For large cellars, you can hire a specialist, like Bellevue’s Apex Wine Cellars, to install a permanent cellar or hire a contractor to install the newSpiral Cellars at home. Often it pays to hire a cellar consultant to optimize your cellar design and budget.

Finally, you can always let me show you Esquin’s first-class wine storage at our store!

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