A lovely dinner at home with friends and family

Great dinner last night with my son, his girl friend, and my friends, Chris Nishiwaki and Kent C. Everyone bravely ate my savory pasta recipe with sausage prepared by Chef Nishiwaki. Wine of night was the 2007 Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet. It was beautifully balanced and complex. The 2000 Chasse-Spleen was very good, a classic from a great vintage. Last night’s disappointments were a Cayuse 2004 Cailloux; it was too fat with 15.5% alcohol. The 2008 Penner-Ash Pas de Nom – pas d’interesting. It was a rich but unexpectedly simple wine from a great vintage. The 2005 Guiraud Sauternes was lighter and nuttier than usual. The 1998 Coutet Barsac was lovely and perfect. We enjoyed the latter two with fresh fruits.

It was delight for all of us to enjoy lively conversation, comraderie and my son’s growing interest in fine wine.

Alas, I must return to the dishes!

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