Appraisal Services

In these challenging times, it is important to have credible inventories and appraisals of valuable assets and tangibles. Wine cellars may represent significant value, which should be assessed by professionals qualified to do so.

Arnie Millan, a certified sommelier with the Guild of Sommeliers, has the unique qualification of appraising cellars on a regular basis. With his encyclopedic knowledge of wine, especially rare and fine wines, his access to worldwide auction markets and his daily involvement in the trade of fine wines, Arnie is often sought out for his careful, professional appraisals.

Together with his associate, Meriann Roberts, they formed Wine Inventory and Appraisal Services (WAIS). They are experienced, very careful and precise yet extremely time efficient. They inspect every bottle and note any problems or special markings. They provide a professional inventory in Excel or other desired formats. The inventory contains every detail necessary for an appraisal – this is especially crucial with European wines.

For an appraisal, we assess cellar conditions, bottle condition, and replacement or actual bottle value. We determine replacement value based on current auction and retail markets.

Services include:


• bottle inventories including bottle condition assessments

• cellar inventory tracking programs including bar coding


WAIS provides appraisals for:

• collectors

• attorneys (arbitration, divorce, bankruptcy, death)

• insurance

• acquisition or sale

• donations (IRS form 8283).

Please contact WIAS if you would like to discuss retaining us for your inventory and appraisal needs.

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