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Arnie’s European Odyssey Day One

We arrived in Paris on Sunday morning, March 27th, at 9:30 a.m. (or 12:30 a.m. our body time). We immediately got our rental car and drove 7 hours to Bordeaux, arriving atMaison Sichel’s offices at nearly 6:00 p.m. Up nearly … Continue reading

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Amazing Bordeaux 2008 Vintage Tasting in San Francisco

I flew into San Francisco last for an intensive tasting of top Bordeaux from the 2008 vintage. The Union of Grand Cru de Bordeaux put on this tasting of 100 top estates. It’s almost easier to list who wasn’t there: all … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Flirting with Perfection Dinner at Crush

Saturday, 12 of us enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Crush Restaurant. It was a perfect dinner amazing food paired with equally amazing wines crowned by outstanding service.     Bacon & Eggs Parsnip Flan, Smoked Salmon Roe, Bourbon Bliss 2002 … Continue reading

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2008 Burgundy vintage report

This vintage report is intended to better inform your choices about upcoming Burgundy releases which begin arriving in this Fall. To-date, I’ve tasted over 200 red and white Burgundy from the 2008 vintage, from village level to Grand Cru. I … Continue reading

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A Dinner to Remember February 15th

What an incredible evening! Chef/owner Jason Wilson graciously opened his doors on Monday only to us lucky few. Chef Jason himself greeted us and came by to describe each dish as it was served. Jason and staff double decanting the … Continue reading

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An unforgettable trip to Bordeaux

  Recently, I had the great good fortune to take the trip of a lifetime, to Bordeaux on a private jet – a Gulfstream G4.The trip was courtesy of a wine-loving billionaire who invited 10 wine professionals from around the … Continue reading

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Where do Wine’s Scents and Tastes come from?

I’m often asked how wines attain their varied aromas and flavors. When we smell or taste lemon citrus, vanilla, blueberry, anise, pepper, tobacco and myriad other delights (some not so delightful!), are they present because the winemaker has added a … Continue reading

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Holding the wine glass

First thing, you will not see the words “must” or “should” or the phrase -it is essential.  I don’t believe there are any absolutes regarding the way to hold a wine glass. The main rule to properly holding the wine … Continue reading

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Wine Glasses and Tasting Wine

My recommendation is to choose a thin-walled stemmed glass or crystal glass – avoid a rolled lip on the edge. The bowl should be at least 5 inches high with a moderate 2.5 inch throat. This ensures enough air space … Continue reading

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The Thrilling Agony of Rinsing Wine Glasses

Do you worry about how best to rinse your fine glassware? Do you need to rinse if you serve more than one wine in the same glass. Well fret no more! Let’s look at two types of rinsing: 1) Rinsing … Continue reading

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